dog fights! how to stop this crime!

April 20, 2008 1:20pm CST
SO, we all know about this famous crime : "dog fighting", this crimes is about a certain number of people that meet with their dogs (normally pit bulls and so on) and place bets on dogs. After this thei put the dogs and the ring and try to make them mad at each other! this game consist on a fight where the surviver wins... th fight doesnt stop till one dog is dead! ok so this "hobbie" (i would call it a crime) is completly un-human. you can see on youtube horrible pictures of these poor dogs! this is animal abuse and i think the world must end this crime! what do you think we should do against this crime?? what can we do to prevent dogs to fall in the wrong hands..the poor pupies get trained to be agressive and their lie end with the death in a ring... post comments and say what can we do to stop this!!!
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• United States
24 Apr 08
It seems like people think that animals are different, and treating them the way that they do doesn't matter. People who train dogs to fight each other like this are some of the most heartless people I would be able to think of. It's bad enough when my own dogs get into fights with each other because the females can be territorial sometimes, and i could only imaging training dogs and having them fight all the time. I can't see the entertainment in that. There is none. And like everyone said, it's a terrible form of animal abuse and really should be stopped.
@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
22 Apr 08
Hi javaleira. Report it to the police if you know where they are doing these fighting. By myself I want to do with these dogs owners the same: put they in a mortal fighting and only the surviver wins and I kill the surviver lol.
@wickedangel (1636)
• Dominican Republic
20 Apr 08
OMG I consider this on parr with child abuse. There is absolutely NO excuse for this to be still taking place in this day and age. They are sick people (as far as I'm concerned) who take part in this or watch it. Go to the police and tell them where they are doing this. Go to youtube admin people and ask them to get rid of these photos - it would be (for me) equivalent of putting child abuse on this site. Perhaps others don't think so but cruelty to animals in any form is unexcusable. Good luck and keep us posted as to how it goes. Thanks for sharing this with us.
@Malkav (42)
• Mexico
20 Apr 08
If you know where are held, report them to your local police, or get the phone number of some pro-animal organization