Icy Rescue---Part 1

@gberlin (3836)
April 20, 2008 4:56pm CST
The St. Joe River is notorious for its swift moving undertow. During the winter, snow and ice swell the river almost causing it to overflow its banks. Fifteen year olds, Adam and Daniel thoroughly enjoyed the St. Joe River, but also respected it; they built a raft using two by fours and a four by eight foot sheet of plywood. To make the raft floatable they tied empty, sealed, fifty-five gallon metal tar barrels to the raft with wire. Working on it for several days after school, Adam and Daniel soon finished their raft. On Sunday they were ready to launch it on its first voyage. “Daniel, you hop on the raft first,” Adam said, while untying the rope that held the raft, “and I’ll give the raft a push out into the river and then jump on.” “Okay,” yelled Daniel, “give it a good push away from the shore.” The rushing water grabbed the raft and threw it into low-hanging trees along the shore. Adam and Daniel hung on for dear life, their knuckles white. They ducked down. The long arms of the trees lurched toward them, trying to sweep them into the icy water. Desperate, Daniel clutched one of the overhanging trees. That stopped the raft momentarily. “Daniel! Let go of the tree!” Adam shouted. “The raft is slipping away from beneath you!” Daniel’s face turned pale. The thought of falling into the icy-cold river terrified him. Moving quickly, Adam grabbed the rope attached to the front of the raft and looped it around the tree where Daniel clung. Alan’s muscles strained as he pulled the raft against the current. “Okay Daniel,” Adam said, “you can let go of the tree.” “Wow, that was a close one,” said Daniel as he stretched out on the raft. “I thought my arms were going to give out before you’d be able to pull the raft back.” You’re right it was close,” Adam said, “too close for me. I wonder how the rest of the river will be.” (To be continued!)
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