Anyone here who play SIMS 2 or other cool computer games?

April 20, 2008 7:43pm CST
Ive been playings sims 2 and sims 1 for quite some time now. Ive created a bunch of characters and play them. I have all the expansion packs. Well my problem is i dont know how to make my sims 2 character exciting like give it something different. Im also looking for other Cool computer games to play. Do you have any suggestions of cool games to play and how to make my sims 2 very exciting?
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• United States
23 Apr 08
I have been playing The Sims for 5 or so years and am still not bored. One of the things i do to make games more exciting is download custom content for games from they have cool items, clothes, hairstyles. cars, homes and much more you can download for your game. Also i do suggest doing stories with your sims its more fun to play them when they have some drama going on in their lives! If ya have any questions about how to use modthesims message me on here.
• Philippines
23 Apr 08
Can you tell me , one of your sims stories? :)
@arddi2007 (202)
• Albania
29 Jun 08
my favorites PC games are Sims 1, sims 2 and grand theft auto GTA san andreas and vice city. sims 2 is a really cool game. i dont have every extension pack as you do, but i still enjoy playing the classic sims 2 game. as about sims 1, i used to play it before, but since i purchased sims 2, i havent played sims 1 anymore. i have also removed it from my computer.
• United States
17 May 08
I know how to make Sims 2 more exciting. Look around at people's creations. There are tons of new stuff to download every day. That keeps me interested. I like when people change up the game a bit. There are many sites were you can download stuff that has been modified dramatically. You just have to search for them. Go to and type in Sims 2. Then go to Modifications for a listing of really good sites.
@javaleira (372)
• Portugal
3 May 08
you should start playing GTA, ITS THE COOLEST COMPUTER GAME, ALTHOUGH IT WILL COME LATER. YOU must have a ps3 to play it or a xbox 360 right now...
• United States
23 Apr 08
I play the Sims 2! I try and play it a few times a day. I'm also thinking about joining World of Warcraft! I played it a few times at my friends and it was a lot of fun! Plus it seems like everyone is playing that now!!
@KrauseHome (35648)
• United States
21 Apr 08
I own all of Sims 1 games, and own quite a few of Sims 2 just do not play them really. I guess I need to give it a shot. Just never seem to find the time since I am always online doing things in here or checking Email, etc. But Sims is a Great game. I have heard they are going to be coming out with Sims 3 soon as well.
@busta1 (1029)
• United States
21 Apr 08
well i use to play the sim's i still want to but i dont want to buy the game when i can get it off the internet for free.. i also play Americas army and maple story.