Political-oriented People

April 20, 2008 9:58pm CST
Medan is the capital of North Sumatera. It is one of the biggest cities in Indonesia, after Jakarta, and Surabaya. Unlike those people in Jakarta and Surabaya who have business-oriented, Medaners are described as more political-oriented people. Is that true? I think so. The late Governor of North Sumatera, RIS, has ever said that Medaners like politics more than anything else."Everyone here are talking about politics," RIS ever said. While others are doing businesses to grow their economies, Medaners are busy in playing political-games. No wonder when North Sumatera in general and Medan in particular, is lagged behind in the perspective of economic growth. Further more, because of this, there is no single Medaners who get the job in central financial-bodies in Jakarta. "We have no man in Bappenas, or in Central Bank," the Governor ever said.
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