Demografic Aspect : Moslems and Christians

April 21, 2008 12:16am CST
Indonesia is described as the most dominant Moslem-populated country. This is based on assumption, that Moslems account for 90% of the population, while another 10% is acccounted for Christian, Buddhist, and Hindus. But along the way, this demografic-pattern is experiencing significant change. In the name of Family Planning, Moslem families become the main subject to support this policy, by having only 2 kids. Since then, Moslem population is not increasing, but in some exent get discreased. This trend does not happen others, especially, Christians-families, including Chinese population. This makes demografic-pattern is improving to the favor of un-Moslems population. From 90%, then reduced to 80%, 70%, and now nearing 60%. This make Moslems realize about hiddem agenda that projected to make Indonesia is no more Moslem dominant-populated country.
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