what kind of food do hedgehogs eat?

@chenpan (381)
April 21, 2008 6:40am CST
i don't know waht kind of food do hedgehogs enjoy to eatting? meat or vegetables? Do you know?
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@zendre (23)
• Hungary
14 Nov 09
Meat or vegetables? Mostly meats. We have 2 hedgehogs in our garden and I fed them this year from April to November. They are wild and could go away but for the food they stayed here. If you want to feed a wild hedgehog, you must do it till the end of the year (when they fall asleep), because they will count on the food and could starve if you just stop it. In the wild they eat worms, insects, snails, slugs, lizzards, birds, mice, eggs, fruits, plants. Mostly they are insectivores but they can eat almost everything. If you keep a hedgehog you should give insects to it because of the chitin - they need, but they like catfoods very much. It's importand that they SHOULDN'T eat milk - it can kill them! And beware of catfood cointains fish. My hedgehogs's favorite is the pate (without fish of course). They don't like dogfoods so much because of the small bones, I think. If they live in your garden where they can find enough insects and other living food, you can keep them around if you just give fresh water to them every evening. They can be really thirsthy :) I hope I could help you. If you have any question about hedgehogs, I can help you.
@zubairsk (341)
• India
3 Nov 09
I like hedgehogs very much and they are very cute to see.I watch hedgehogs in TV more and it have different types of colours.I have never seen in my real life hedgehogs.I think they eat only diet food and i dont know about eating meat or vegetables.They look very cute,pretty and funny lookinf and i love them.
• Canada
25 Apr 08
I used to have a hedgehog for a short time .. And I know that they LOVE to eat mealworms .. As well as things like banana and I believe carrots though I am not completely sure about that. They are for sure omnivores, they do eat both meat and vegetables/fruit.
@p1kef1sh (45640)
21 Apr 08
Hedgehogs mostly eat bug, worms, snails and slugs. They are a great friend to have in the garden as they eat all the things that the gardener wants to be rid of. They are delightful creatures and we get them here every year. If you have a hedgehog it is best to give it a very small amount of cat food and leave it some water. Do not give bread or milk as this makes the sick and can kill them.