What is the craziest thing that you've done to get a guy/girls attention..?

April 21, 2008 8:27am CST
Hey there pipz.....this is a new discussion again...thanx again for sharing ur views.....thnx Me?.....actually...its acidentally made.....we were buying pizza when suddenly...I look far away and flip my hair(actually, I always do that as my reaction on something)but when I look intently I saw some guys.....smiling and one approach me and he ask my cell no...I just say.." I dony talk to stragers(coz...they were soooooo overconfident ....)
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• United States
2 Jun 08
I haven't done anything that would be in the categorized as crazy. I just be myself. But I find myself smiling more often and keep direct eye contact. I don't like doing anything that will make me stand out or anything. That's funny that you mention the hair flip. I've met some girls that do that, lol.
• Philippines
6 Jun 08
that's good.....smiling and eye contact can really catch an attention....but im shy to do that especially the eye contact factor!
@tarachand (3895)
• India
1 Aug 09
When I was in my first year at junior college, there was this cute girl I wanted to impress. I was (still am)good at physics and maths and the professors considered me an ideal pupil. Once during the break, a physics professor came to the classroom and announced that there would be no lectures after the break, and that all the students were to assemble in the college auditorium, for there was to be a screening of a popular movie. All the students had gathered around the professor who, though well built and in his mid-thirties had a shining bald plate. I was behind him and this cutie was standing next to me with a bored expression on her face, when my friend challenged me to hit the professor on his bald plate, and I happened to be looking at the girl and saw her eyes sparkle. That did it, I suddenly raised my hand and brought it crashing down hard, boy you should have seen scuffle of the other students trying to get away from behind the professor so that he didn't accuse them. I stood my ground with my innocent expression on my face and the prof turned around, looked at me and asked me,"Did you see the person who hit me on the head? I am sure it was a boy." I replied feigning innocence that I had just stepped into the classroom and had not seen anybody hit him. This really brought out a lot of laughs later from all my classmates and a friendship with the girl that led to many interesting things later.......... I know that this was juvenile, but then I was not even sixteen then and had come from a boys only convent school to a co-education college and was exposed to girls as classmates for the first time, though of course I did have a lot of girl playmates.