When You Don't Want To Even Answer The Phone......

United States
April 21, 2008 12:14pm CST
I Have A Dear Friend From Junior High School That I Lost Contact With Until Recently When I Saw Her In Walmart. I Was Shocked And Very Very Happy To See Her Again And We Got Each Other's Phone Numbers. Every Time I Talk To Her Though, I Wish That I Hadn't Even Picked Up The Phone. Here's My Dilemma. We Have Both Gotten Married And Had Kids But Her First Born Son Died Just Over A Year Ago And Now, Every Time We Talk, She's The One That's Doing Most Of The Talking. About Her New Baby And What He's Learned To Do And On And On And On. I Know She's Excited About Being A New Mom Especially With The Death Of Her First Born But Geesh! I Get Tired Of Just Talking About Him. I Don't Know How To Go About Saying Something To Her Without Hurting Her Feelings. I Mean We Haven't Had A Chance To Really Catch Up On Anything Cause All She Wants To Talk About Is The Baby And Sometimes I Wish I Hadn't Given Her My Phone Number, What Do I Do?
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@selby70 (283)
21 Apr 08
I have a friend like that phoned this morning spent one hour telling me about her and her decorating, I dont know what you do I have put up with it for years one day I am okay the next I want to tell her to get lost.
21 Apr 08
I know a friend like that. We used to be friends, but then didn't stay in touch. But she kept phoning me, trying to get us to meet up. I was practically her only friend, but she was tedious! She phoned me to talk about ambiguous things for hours! In the end, I'd have to tell her I had to go, or I had a guest, or i had to be somewhere, hehe. I suggest you do the same. Maybe give her more to be excited about in her life? Suggest you meet up and go somewhere fun? Go shopping?
• Canada
21 Apr 08
hi ladylonewolf2008, i have a few relationships like you have described in my life. she may never change as people rarely do. you might suggest going to a movie (one hour and 20 minutes of quiet). or you may have to hurt her feelings. i broke off a one sided friendship recently and i was the one left hurt..sorry i was no help at all~ give me your phone number and ill tell you all about me!jk..take care
• United States
21 Apr 08
How old is her new baby. Most parents only want to talk about their baby, but if her child is not a newborn then that is a different problem. I would suggest asking her if there was anything else in her life that interest her besides her baby.