Your appearance and your witness

United States
April 21, 2008 8:57pm CST
Christian responses only please. I have been thinking lately how much my and other people's physical appearance affects his/her witness. I don't mean anything like are you pretty/handsome or not. Basically I was thinking, whether this is right or not, when you see someone dressed a certain, way, for example, all black with the died black hair, eye liner, chains ect, you think they are goth. They are presenting their appearance in such a way that they at least appear to belong to the goth group. So I was thinking, I know people who are Christians who have done things like get facial piercings, tatoos, or dress in ways that look kind of like certain groups. While I don't think black clothing and chains in and of themselves would be wrong, how would others perceive it? In my opinion, it is very important for me to not look like I belong to a group of people whose ideas and lifestyles are not God honoring. Everyone who ever sees me walk by or who I speak to one or two times in passing will not get to know me enough to know what I am really like, they will know only that I greeted them friendly, and how I looked. How do you feel about this as a Christian? Do you think your witness could be hindered by your clothing, hairstyle, makeup or jewelry choices? Have you had any experiences where this was an issue for yourself or someone you knew?
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• India
27 Apr 08
I do agree with what you say, we have to be representable. But though the fact remains, God doesnt stress or love us on our appearance, but its him we r representing, so we shud respect that. If I go preaching, and if i talk about bible to people who dont know it, my appearance would be an impact on them. I used to go around with colored hair, high make-up, and all, and once one old lady asked me while in a conversation, apparantly angry, "So does ur God allow fashion than simplicity? " I couldnt answer her, Yes my God doesnt restrict me, but why r you accusing him? Its me and this is how i like to dress or be. But i realised there would be less of accusations, if i'd better be simple. I dont say im all old-fashioned now, I still wear make-up, but im representable.
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@winterose (39917)
• Canada
22 Apr 08
I don't like the goth style it looks like vampires, I don't like multiple tattoes or a multiple piercings. You are right how you look will influence how people think about you. I am a christian I wear lots of black clothes that is how I am I have always warning black stockings all my life, and black skirts and dresses, yes I wear other colours too but black is my favourite. Only once did I dye my hair black because I love black hair. I have naturally dark brown so it was not that much of a change. I do not wear make up, nor have a tattoo, I used to have pierced ears two holes but they filled in again. The way I dress would fit in any church. Look at nuns and priests they traditionally wore black, but I could hardly see actually I never saw a punk rocker or a goth in a church.
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@mariechin (428)
• Philippines
11 Jul 08
For my entire life, I always experience being judge by other people based on how I look like. I am a christian and loves wearing black clothing as make up verytime I go out for work. I cut my hair into mohawk hairstyle because it's me. And everytime I go out into a convenience store or ride a jepeney, everybody is starting to ask if I'm a rocker or goth. sme establishment even judge my appreance by not letting me enter the building to the point that I need to show my ID just to enter. People are very judgmental it's because of sin. But it's not their faulth. In my opinion, being a Christian doesn't necessarily mean not being yourself! My employer right now is one of my closest friend. And every staff is asking her why did she hire someone who is odd and disgusting like me. My friend just laugh at it and say, "That's her, you don't know her, but I know her. And I don't need to explain it to all of you."... I think God made me like this to live and minimize people's judgmental tendencies...
@NVMapper (115)
• United States
22 Apr 08
The Islamists agree with your stance. I bet Jesus doesn't. In the brief time we pass on the street no judgement should be shared for didn't Jesus warn us that our judgements will be used against us if they are wrong?
22 Apr 08
MY dear friend, i would like to agree with what you have in mind.Our physical appearance is just temporary but what God really is interested is our soul. IT is our soul that will be judged in the end, and not by what we wear or how we look like. In my opinion we should not be judged by whatever we wear or however we dress like, because in the end its our soul that will be judged.It shouldn't be an hindrance to witness God just because of the kind of dress we wear or the makeup or jewelery we use.