New Mommy Cat

April 21, 2008 11:01pm CST
Well geepers My cat Boo had kittens on friday afternoon while I was out at my sons school. We got home and we went on as nothing was different and then my son says "Mom boo had her babies" and then we heard the baby meows LOL she had 4 3 orange and white and one black and white. Well as I was watching her clean her one of the kittens i noticed it was not moving or meowing so I called my uncle over to check and sure enough the kitty wasn't breathing so we got rid of it. Then my Boo got out of her box and there was an orange and white one that had been under her and she didn't move so it suffocated it was so awful. She still had one orange and white one and I moved her to a quieter part of the house. Everything seemed fine until the next morning. Boo still had one orange and white kitten that was alive so I figured it was the same one from the day before but it looked smaller. I didn't think anything of it until she got out of her box. There was another one that had been suffocated. It was so awful I know I would have seen this kitten the night before because it was in a spot that i just would have seen. Now she is looking all over the house for her other 3 kittens, I don't think she realized that they died. The first one she was cleaning and then other 2 i think she thought they were sleeping or something. When I watch her with her remaining kitten she tends to plop on him and not move I am always getting him out from under her so she doesn't suffocate him too. As I am typing this my boo is looking for her kittens i feel awful that I wasn't here for her when she had them. I just can't help but think they would still be alive if I had been here. So has anything like this happened with one of your cats? or do you know someone who has gone through this? What would you suggest I do?
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