my helper got an amoeba

@mommah (24)
April 22, 2008 1:20am CST
We have four helpers at home including the 2 nannies and they are staying in one bedroom. Our one helper got an ameoba and according to our doctor she can pass the bacteria to her co-helpers if she is not watchful enough with her hygiene and my worry is the nannyies. They are taking care of the kids. We gave her medicines, we are helping her and assist her in taking care of herself but she is not even helping herself, not helping us. She is worst than a sick kid. She can't even wash herself right. Craps and dirts everywhere in their bedroom and im sure in the kitchen too because it is where their bathroom located, beside the kitchen. We are thinking of confining her to the hospital but she is scared to be pricked with a needle. We don't know what to do with her anymore. And also who will watch her to the hospital? Help pls...
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@Pescoe (101)
• Philippines
22 Apr 08
the first thing that you do is to get the sick helper out of your home and have her confined at the hospital at all cost... the next thing is to sanitize all corners of your house by cleaning and scrubing with disinfectant to eliminate all bacterias present in your house...also in the hospital, ask the other helper to watch her and assist her needs...
@mommah (24)
• Philippines
25 Apr 08
She's already confined at the hospital but the problem is she's not feeling any better. We don't know if she's still that sick or sh'es just pretending to be as SUPER SICK. She's almost a month sick already (complete medicine and assistance) and she has lots of demands.