Hard work pays off

@yingui (74)
April 22, 2008 9:13am CST
Finally ,it came to an end .We don't have to endure that monotunous life any longer .What's more ,our painstaking deed bear abundant fruits .We win the first place .Congtatuate all of us ! The competition has lasted for nearly one month .During this period our monitor only slept 4 hours on average each day. The other classmates aslo made sacrific more or less .We live with endless preperation .We practised the whole performance again and again .You can just imagine how weary we get .To play it safe , we check every detail ,down to the colour of shoes we wore on the stadium.We feel ourseleves on the edge of exhaustion .Finally ,the day came . I think the success lies not so much in the competition itself as in the spirit of unit we demonstrate withine the whole process .That is what sparks .The competition aslo offered us a chance to know each other better. Sincere complimentary to our monitor and all of my classmates !
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• China
29 Apr 08
Congratulations,dear! So what kind of competition have you taken part in? Dance or singing song or something else? How important the team spirit to achieve your success! No pain,no gain.I am happy that you learn lot from this competition.To be successful is not an easy thing.It needs painstaking practices and strong minds. Hope you keep perseverance in doing everything! I am proud of you!
• China
26 Apr 08
Oh,it sounds great.But I wonder what the activity is.These days I haven't taken part in activities,because I don't think the activities are interesting.Just two weeks ago I participated in a debate competetion.Our team was defeated by reverse part who came from politics academy.And I got the a consolation prize----"the best debater".And through the preparation I just felt the same way as you said.