to my unborn child.... what would you say

April 22, 2008 2:10pm CST
i was reading some of my old high school assignments, and i came across an essay that my grade 12 english teacher gave to us. she asked us to write a letter to our unborn child. am curious to know what would you write to your unborn child. women dying in child birth is far more uncommon now then in the older days, and to me it seems like a cool idea to write a letter to your unborn child,if your not sure if you will survive through child birth... at least then your child will have your words with them... would you tell them about your life? about what if felt like to be pregnant with them, or would you just write them a letter of encouragement? etc
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22 Apr 08
I think thats a good idea. I basically did this in my children's baby books throughout my pregnancy.