Will you dare to cheat , lie, steal, kill? On what?

@cmofi123 (344)
United States
April 22, 2008 2:12pm CST
Many people lie, cheat about certain things going on their lives. Let's be honest we all have lie at least 10 times in our lives. Cheat? Can you define cheating? I really don't cheat, but this can also be a lie. I have stole something at least once. Kill? Besides the roaches in my apt and the ants that come around the summer, NO and I hope I never do, but if someone tries to hurt me or my family then I might come close to killing. Have you?
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• Canada
22 Apr 08
lie yep ive done that few times - nothign am proud of. cheating- cheating on a mate :( i confessed my sins and he took me back.... as for cheating ppl out of money etc. well cheating can be defined in my opinion as something you know is not right but you still did it anyhow. cheat a child into giving them their piggy bank money! etc. its not stealing if the child gave it to you, but i think its a form of cheating... or example of cheating lol : i was surfing yahoo one time and i read about how somewhere i think in europe? a atm machine was dishing out more money then ppl were asking for, and when ppl found out, there were several ppl lining up to use the machine; until it finally starting running out of money. kill, lol just as you said only a few bugs in my house!