Ayurveda and beauty

April 22, 2008 5:48pm CST
In ayurveda it is important to understand the dosha/body type as this is the key to real natural beauty. The dosha plays a major role in understanding your skin and what it needs and how to look after it in the best way possible. When you understand your own dosha you can determine what your skin requires in order to regenerate the cellular structure of the skin and the inner workings of the body that feeds the skin and encourages new growth. For example if you are a vata type you will always have a dry skin and even more so in certain temperatures and seasons, it is important to know this so that you can drink and eat the correct food to lubricate/oil the skin adding moisture to the texture of the skin. The external element of caring for a Vata skin has to be carefully considered , there is little point in adding an oil that sits only on the surface we need to 'feed' the skin properly to help with the consistant drying of vata. To understand more about doshas go to www.doshaforlife.com
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