do you think its fair?

@micari (25)
April 23, 2008 2:54am CST
do you think its fair if our upper referrals earn some money from us even though its just only 25% and they're not really active like us? i'm new here so please do share your thoughts. thanks!
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@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
6 May 08
Before signed in as a member here earlier, I had already understood that my up line had the privilege to enjoy the 25% of my earning. Since he has brought this opportunity to me to earn money and enjoy the fun here as well, so I think it’s fair enough for him to enjoy what he deserves. What’s more I am not the one who pays the money. I only hope I could find someone who is super active here very soon and let me to have the chance to enjoy the 25% of his earning.
@subha12 (18453)
• India
23 Apr 08
its really something that i think is not justified at all. i know the person who actually referred me here is not at all active and still earning huge money from all the people he referred as most of them are active including me. its not good.
@rhane7315 (5673)
• Philippines
23 Apr 08
if she's active, its fair for me. but if she's not active that much, it's really unfair on my side. i'm putting all my time and effort here in mylot and she just earns money from me even though its just a small amount yet she does nothing and she can get her payout without doing nothing as well. really unfair on my side when it comes on earnings lol