Mobile Internet

April 23, 2008 4:28am CST
How often do use ur phone to access the internet or just the network carriers own website? i used to do that a lot when i was into their chatrooms but now i have actual internet on my pc so i dont go on my phone internet as much as i used to. How about u?
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@mnsrwt123 (2058)
• India
24 Apr 08
I just didn't use my mobile phone for interent if you are talking about the cell phone. But if you are talking about home phone then I just all time use it as I have a dial up connection and its CDMA connection which I use for conencting to internet and its speed is pretty much decent about 128kbps. And the last time I use my cellphone for interenet is about three months ago when my internet connection is down and I need to check my mail urgently... Keep posting!!!
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• Australia
26 Apr 08
One time there was glitch in my network provider and i got free internet for a whole day! It was awesome i downloaded all these wallpapers and games and chatted on msn BUT they fixed it up the next day :(
@siriya (202)
• India
28 Apr 08
I use mobile internet very much. I use this mobile internet very much for mylot. Now I am typing in mobile only. It is very convenient to use mobile internet as you can use whenever and wherever. Disadvantage is difficult to type and also it is slower
• Australia
5 May 08
that is true. It would be great to go on mylot on your mobile. Does it take much longer for the site to load on your phone than it if u were doing on your pc?
@subha12 (18453)
• India
23 Apr 08
i generally do not access internet from mobile. in my country it needs a lot of charge. also i can access internet each day at work so i think i do not need this taht much. so i do not access.
@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
14 Jun 08
I use internet for work purpose... If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't use mobile internet that much... Somestimes I use goole on mobile internet to look up quick directions & movie times... I have 2 emails linked to my phone, one personal & one that comes with the phone carrier... One that comes with the carrier is the one I use for work... I've set up another email account to add to my phone because I wanted to be able to get emails from work at home computer as well, as a back up... But for now, I access new email address for work from the mobile internet...
• India
20 May 08
I am always using my mobile to surf the net. Its good. He you have some good softwares which gives you pc like internet experience.But i heard here that someone is telling that why i should say to service provider when i have free broadband. Can you please tell me which broadband you are taking about. I would like to join that.
@lorelai (1558)
• Italy
19 May 08
I never use internet on my phone. It is much more expensive than the one on my computer and I have adsl conection on my computer so it is pretty cheap and fast so no need for phone internet. When I think better I have never even used it, not even when I didn't have internet at home.