Do you teach your children to save money or how to save money?

April 23, 2008 8:06am CST
In early aged kid should know what is the value of money and how to save money. Many parents now a days teach children to save put a little in their piggy bank and open an account for them. Encouraging them to save make them learn how to save in the future. We are not teaching then to ask money from us but by giving them a chores or an assignment and in return we give them a little credit. We should teach them about financial responsibility. There are so many ways in doing it. Like for example by giving them allowance and many more. I teach my children how to be responsible on there allowance by telling them not to by any thing that they don't necessarily need. I allow them to bring food in school also because they tell me that it's very expensive to buy in the canteen I also buy them piggy bank to put what they left for the day. How about you do you teach them to save? How they save there money or allowance. Share it with us to gather more tips that we don't know yet.
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@sedel1027 (17854)
• United States
23 Apr 08
My son has a cat bank and a wallet. He takes pride in the money he saves, but also enjoys spending it. He knows that he needs to save, but not every red cent he makes.
• Philippines
24 Apr 08
Hi! there it's good at least he learn how to save a penny even though he enjoy spending it. When he grows up a little more he will also learn how to spend it wisely. Have a nice day!!!!