April 23, 2008 9:22am CST
WHOSE MORE STUPID? POPEYE OR OLIVE? i think popeye... all he can do only eat veggies and never eat meat. only veggies. It seemed that he is vegetarian right? but the reason why he looks stupid for me, because he wanna fight with Brutus just only because olive. It seemed there;s no other woman left in this world... everything just for olive. ahahah... Its like movie "my sassy girl", the guy is stupid. But sometimes, a stupid guy can be attractive, just the way the boy in "my sassy girl". Haha... stupid but cute. lol
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• Trinidad And Tobago
9 May 08
is'nt the answer obvious. BOTH. duh. olive is stupid because she lets herself fall into all brutus traps and popeye is stupid because if i was him i would have given up on olive a long tome ago. she's not even that good looking.
@rashmigs (400)
• Singapore
23 Apr 08
Haha... funny topic :) Well, i think popeye is stupid... you know why... because he is a guy!!!! and guys are always stupid!!! Lol. All guys are stupid ;) Guys dont take it serious ;) Just kidding. Im jus havin some fun here. Good topic manya! Keep it going!