Ragnarok Online - the Korean MMORPG

April 23, 2008 10:18am CST
Does anybody plays the MMORPG from the Korean Manga Ragnarök? Well I am playing this game and it is lot of fun for me and if anybody knows this game and want to share informations like guides or secrets of Rune Midgard can post them here. I am starting to make a good discussion that is respondering by many other myLotters and helping all of us to make more earnings and maybe, who knows, making new friends for Ragnarok Online. ^^ Well I want to start with my question. You know many players who playing this game? Or such a friend who wanted to start this game? Post your knowledge or information you have collect all the months or years at Ragnarok Online for the new generation of players? I surely think that lots of people can join Ragnarok Online, its a good game, not so good graphics like Guild Wars or World of Warcraft but its a game you can play often and enjoy. Good games don't need the best graphics ( i mentioning the old but very very famous game Mario Bros. ^^ ). Like Ragnarok : It has got a real good newbie starting area and you have quests to do and hunting Boss Monsters in a large party of players and make your own strong character.
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