help me out

April 23, 2008 5:01pm CST
i had a friend who meet this girl and a high school fun games...the girl was called rubi...who also had a friend called mary..on the second day of the fun games my frd wisdom introduced both girls to me..we became friends instantly ...i got the email of mary and we use to chat online almost every other friend wisdom also wrote letters to rubi..he was in love with her bout did not tell her..after the games one month passed by and wisdoms other friend called jude meet rubi and proposed to her and she agreed ..i was very suprised ..because she did not study the guy for long..and she fell in love instantly..wisdom gave rubi his number but rubi did not call him..but when rubi got the guy who proposed to her she called her..jude was wisdoms roomate ..whenever rubi calls ..wisdoms picks the call but he disguises himself..when wise saw rubi had fell in love with the roommate he was shocked and thinking about what to do ..mean while have proposed to mary ..and it seems she is agreeing...can you help us...with this complicated problem..
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