I cant stop getting bad news

United States
April 23, 2008 6:27pm CST
My boyfriend works for the company American Axel, if you dont know anything about them they are right up there with GM, They have been on strike now for 2 months and now on the news today I heard that the talks have taken a turn for the worse. The UAW AGAIN turned down there offer, So American Axel said if the UAW keeps turning down there offers there going to completely stop all production in the US, So that means my boyfriend and all those other people including his dad that's worked there for 20 some years will be out of a job?? I mean its hard enough to find jobs around here your LUCKY to find one. and the one my boyfriend has everyone wants but cant get. hes lucky to have this job....whats going to happen if they take it away? The way things are going these days I think moving to a different country's a really good idea but not for companies but for Americans.
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