Should Counter-Strike become a real sport?

April 24, 2008 2:35am CST
Have u heard that this well known tv station EUROSPORT made a deal with the CGS? Now Counter-Strike matches between the best clans in the world will be transmitted in the tv! What do u think about it? Should it really be treated equally to sports such as football or basketball? Is proffesional gaming a real sport? Well I personally don't think so but I hope u will tell me ur opininon..
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26 May 08
its a gr8 idea 2 make cs as 1 of the sport it will take the world of online gaming 1 step ahead
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• India
26 May 08
yes!thats what i meant.
• India
25 May 08
hmmm.yes what you say is absolutely true.actually this is not only cs.the term "gaming" should be termed as a may ask why?the similarities of spor and gaming is: 1.)You play both of them. 2.)They can be played for a living. 3.)They are broadcasted in channels. 4.)There are teams in both. 5.)There are tournaments in both. 6.)There is physical activei in both. 7.)They both are fun. 8.)Some sport are INDOOR just like gaming. 9.)you need slills to play both. 10.)You need to learn before you play. But gaming leads sport by just one point. You can play sport while gaming..but you can game when you sport! Think over this sentence carefully. anyways...i consider gaming as a sport and as a passion...and cs is no exception..all games must be considered as a sport!
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@pazuvn (99)
• Vietnam
18 May 08
Sure, in China . CS is a game that all people like. Also, in Korean, Japan, China, the police and Swat must play it for reaction. There are also a wolrd Cyber Game. My most like person is : Spawn ^^
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@Entreri (72)
• China
26 Aug 09
Maybe Counter-Strike will be a new concept sport.. It's different from traditional sport..
• Philippines
1 Nov 08
actually.. it's called Electronic Sports (esports). yeah. Counterstrike won't miss any game leagues.