lier lier pants on fire!

April 24, 2008 3:00am CST
How to tell if someone is telling you lies! -If they are not looking at your face. Some can do it for a while but then their eyes sleep away in a corner. -Dilation of their pupils. This is caused by the adrenaline released in their bodies. This might happen when the person is attracted to you so be careful and remember that the circumstances are important as well. -They are babbling and talking through their teeth, long pauses between words and sentences. They need the pauses to build a good answer. -Sudden tics reveal it all. He/she scratches his/her nose or ear to often almost screaming: "I'm lying ! Don't believe a word I say!" -The smile!!! When we truly smile we don't do it just using our mouth we use our eyes as well. A "crocodile" smile is a forced smile and it's only with the mouth showing the teeth. Do you know more ways to tell that someone is lying? Please post it here.
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• Indonesia
24 Apr 08
if my boyfriend lie, he will straching his hair. hehe
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• Romania
24 Apr 08
Thanks for your answer !