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@TriciaW (2441)
United States
April 24, 2008 7:27am CST
Just to recap this is for us to start a team on ptc sites so we all make money. I think I have it figured out now. I have been searching networking sites and found many charge to do this so we have a good concept for free!! It was mentioned to have smaller teams of 10 which I think is a good idea it will also help us to know who isn't pulling their weight. If we have more then 10 of us doing it no problem we just make up different groups. Now someone also mentioned they belonged to sites already and I think I have that figured out too. What I have done was set up a yahoo groups email group for us. To join it just go to yahoo click on groups and put in mylotptcteam and join the group. What I ask everyone to do is send an email to that group stating which sites you already belong to and proof of payment so that we know the site is a good one. I will do my best to put groups together so those already on a site will have those under them that don't have that site. Would have us do it here but the discussion would be deleted. Of course it will be first come first serve so to speak on who joins the list that way the order of who gets in what position is fair. Before joining please keep in mind that you will need to do at least 100 clicks per day that is 10 clicks on each site of your group. I also want to use sites that are .01 per click so that 1.00 a day at least are made for the person. I was breaking it down and if we each make .10 a day on each site that is $30 per month with 10 of us clicking. Of course the more we do the more we make!! When a payout is given proof of payment will be sent to our email list so I can keep track of it and make adjustments when needed. I want this to be fun too cause if I am going to put in the work I have to have some fun. I hope you all understand what I am saying*L* I really do have it figured out*L* If anyone has any questions I opened a new email for me just for this group and you can send me an email at triciaptc at yahoo dot com. So lets get it going team!!! I am really excited about our Mylotptcteam!!! Lets have some fun and make some money!!!
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@HimArticles (1138)
• India
24 Apr 08
I liked your idea. It will give the opportunity to people who want to earn some free money. This is a good news for newbies but who have joined already 10-20 sites I think he could not manage more 10 sites. I will study this yahoo group if there is any room for me I will join but I have already joined 20 sites.