what if you win ONE MILLION DOLLARS, what are gonna do?

@qt_dsy (87)
April 24, 2008 10:16am CST
what im mean you got your ONE MILLION DOLLARS, what are gonna do first? what will you buy first? and how are gonna spend it?
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• Philippines
25 Apr 08
if i have a milion dollar,the first thing i'll do is to file my resignation and tell my boss i'll pay the consultation & medical fee just for her to just get a shrink or Dr.Phil. Obviously she needs medical attention! lol! seriously, yes ill resign from my work & invest mmoney in a business. its hard to work & have a b***y boss so ill build my own business. then i'll probably give some for charity. =) Then probably i'll get my dream wedding lol =)
• United States
24 Apr 08
First I think I'd need to pay for medical help as I would probably have a heart attack or stroke if I ever won a million.. lol!! Off the top of my head I would pay EVERY bill I have, buy a nice comfy ranch style home, a vehicle for each child, Truck for the husband, a Hummer, hire a personal trainer, visit Italy, new clothes for me & my family, invest wisely and bank wisely as well to draw the greatest amount of interest as possible.