Ayurveda Cookery

April 24, 2008 4:28pm CST
have you been to any cookery classes and what were they like. Did you learn a lot and able to take what you learnt into your own kitchen. Here at the ayurveda clinic kitchen we teach people what specific spices do to act upon the food and the health. What the herbs add to a dish and how the fresh food is prepared to get the most from the live enzynes of the fresh products. We also teach how to make seasonal masalas which are mixed soices to add to different dishes to make it unique. A very well known masala is of course garah masala this mix has been made popular and used to add to curry dishes. But there are as many kind of maslas as you can invent. Tolearn more about ayurveda visit www.doshaforlife.com and if you are in the UK you can sign up for a course
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