why aren't my discussions posting?

United States
November 1, 2006 7:13am CST
I am confused...I have started more than eight discussions but they aren't all posting? anyone know why? your thoughts would be appreciate. thanks!!!
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• Namibia
1 Nov 06
Lion - Look at my big teeth - roaring with frustration because my posts gets ignored...
Hi - sorry I can't say why - wish I new the answer. started lots (+/- 20) posts myself and very little response. I can not find it either under any of the headings for discussions. I think that there is such a lot of new ones coming in every few seconds that the moment you post it starts moving down the line, so by the time you go to new user discussions or recent posts and it is 3 min later - your post is already on page 10 or 15 and old news....does this make sense?even my 0 response is so far down the line that a post I submitted 2 weeks ago is basically unfindable. If you do not pick it up with luck under the tags - no one is going to ever know there is a post from you... Best of luck and your pick is beautifull