Will Earth get swallowed up by a Black Hole in the future?

London, England
April 24, 2008 5:13pm CST
I Think this could happen in the distant future. What do you think as a person interested in Science and astronomy, is this possible?
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• Philippines
11 May 08
Highly probable indeed. The center of our milky way is a black hole. Once our solar system passes through or gets within an event's proximity to this black hole, then definitely, the earth will get swallowed up.
@lunmun (127)
• China
10 May 08
I think it is most posibble to happen .now the world being polluted more and more serious .in the distant future ,the earth will get warmer and warmer. The earth will get swallowed by a black hole ,the science predict that ,the universe cant be defeated and that most be happened.
• Australia
10 May 08
Well, the black hole will only appear after a star which have a density about 50 times of the Sun have explored. According to what NASA know so far, there is no star match this near the Earth. So, the possibility is much less than we all die due to some *little rocks* from deep space hit the Earth.
@theprogamer (10543)
• United States
24 Apr 08
There is a possibility of it, but I don't know any further specifics of probabilities at the moment. Seems to be not as high though. It'd be rather easy to imagine how Earth would be in such a situation... likely the planet wouldn't be habitable. The Earth could be thrown out of orbit or easily destroyed by the black hole. And if the Sun was absorbed by a black hole it'd be a disaster too as there wouldn't be sunlight, solar winds and the like.