My father has a Heart disease. (Myocardial Infarction).

@ozzeth (942)
April 24, 2008 7:20pm CST
Myocardial Infarction is a permanent damage to the heart muscle. My father started smoking and drinking alocoholic drinks when he was only a teenager until before the day of his first heart attacked. He is a very secretive person about of his illness. But i already sense it that he felt something different. So, it's November, 2006 the disease attacked him. I was there when that disease attaked him for the first time. It's a traitor heart disease. Anytime my father will attack and can be killed. I was worried about his condition and afraid to lose him. He take some maintenance of his condition and he already stop drinking and smoking. And the doctor said also..Too much thinking is one cause of this disease. I love my father so much...And i am glad that he followed what the doctor said to him. And now he knows how listen advice from us.
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@jpso138 (7868)
• Philippines
11 Oct 09
Heart attack is indeed something that we should not take for granted. It is the number one killer disease in the world right now. Moreover, male are more prone to heart disease as compared to females. It is a good thing that your father has decided to listen to your advices. Stress can also trigger a heart attack. So it is best that your father should always control stress.
• Canada
12 Oct 09
well men are more prone to heart disease than women only up until women's age of menopause because estrogen has a cardio-protective effect. after the age of menopause [where estrogen levels drop], both men and women are equally prone to heart disease.