Whether I need to wait for her ?

Chengdu, China
April 24, 2008 8:20pm CST
In my senior high school,I meet a girl whom I called egg.It was in senior 1.When I first saw her ,I was attracted by her.She is outgoing,but I was a little introverted that time.Then first time I talked with her was the April Fool's Day of 2005.I played a joke on her.From that day on,our friendship developed quikly.And some classmates look us as a couple before long.Though we were not in fact.How time flies!It was june,2007.And those were unforgetable days.I had passed the college entrance examination,but she didn't.we were all very sad!She need to reread for one year.One year is brevity,but we still can not get together a year later.she said she would not choose the university of the where I am studying.the reason is that it is too hot here!What should I do?waiting for her ?or give up?Is it possible for our love with the distance of two sities?I really don't know what to do?
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