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April 24, 2008 9:50pm CST
have you voted for Clinton or Obama? you do you think will be the nominee and do you believe that they will do anything about the gas prices this is rediculas $4.00 and something for decial and $3.60 for regular unleaded.(Sorry I forgot to mention the republican running for president)Do you think that either one will do a good job I want the best one for the job for president to get it.It is so now you take home pay won't take you home because of the gas prices.
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@sigma77 (5385)
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26 Apr 08
Unfortunnately no president can control the price of oil. It is a commodity subject to the forces of supply and demand, not political agendas. Sorry to say that the current cof candidates will do nothing than make things worse with their socialist programs. You cannot continue to give any free services without more taxation. As you tas the richer people in the population, you take away from economic growth. Who else has the money to start business and expand other than the richer people? The poor? Oil will continue to rise no matter who is elected and people who drive, which is most of us are wasting it by speeding and not driving responsibilly. I see it everywhere I go. But that is a whole other problem. The price of oil is not ridiculas when you consider what transportation does for us in our lives. I think it is a matter of prospective. Too bad that those on a fixed income are affected sometimes more than others.
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27 Apr 08
thank you for your input