April 25, 2008 3:55am CST
Yesterday I had a problem when I tried to enter my moneybookers ID on MyLot earnings.There`s no field in the form where I can enter my details.I`ve allready used Moneybokers to make payments so I don`t understand where`s the problem. I`ve created my Moneybookers account apart of MyLot and maybe that`s the problem.Mayday!
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@BUSSY1979 (1284)
• United States
25 Apr 08
i've heard of moneybrokers before, but i've never signed up with them and dealt with them. so, i don't know how they are whether if they are legit, or not. but i do know that sometimes things like that can happen, and sometimes it could be a minor problem, or a big problem. so, you will have to investigate to see where the problem is, and contact the admin there that is over the site to see what he/she says. contacting the site's manger usually helps out alot in the long run. i've contacted Paypal a few times over some difficulty that happened here while back where i signed up with some place that said that the deal was free, whatever it was but now i forgot, but the deal that that they were having was free, and that we could sign up to it. and they did charge a fee for signing up as a gold member but that was $8, and is only paid when you decide that you want it, and if you do decide. come to make a long story short, they charged me for the free service, and charged me $8 for the program that they said was for free. so they lied to me, and than i turned it in to Paypal, and i wrote back to the third party company that took my money and later i got it straightened out. so, it pays to watch what you're doing online. they can rip you off without you even knowing it. good luck with your problem there with moneybrokers.