how to maximize your earning from mylot

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April 25, 2008 4:53am CST
I know that you earn from mylot for posting. So how do you maximize your earning? And also Why is Mylot paying us? what does it get in response to this?
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• Indonesia
25 Apr 08
you can maximize your earning by posting as many as possible, or by getting as many referral as possible.
• Nepal
25 Apr 08
Is there any sepecific formula like the more words you type the more you get. in which do we earn more? while starting a discusion or while responding disscussion
• Indonesia
25 Apr 08
well, i don't exactly know about that. i think first you just need to post quality posts as many as possible. you don't need to think much about the earning. just have fun
@digerati (287)
• Philippines
2 Jul 08
hello nitesth, i do not know definite plan but i know one sure action.. that is.. to mylot more! keep doing it, digerati