Does your School Allows STUDENTS W/O STUDENT??

April 25, 2008 5:57am CST
Does your school allows you to enter w/o your registration card or you identification card (i.d)... I just remembered that I forgot my I.D but luckily i got stuck to many students so the guards don't notice me... But actually they are very strict in their regulations... Yeah.. That's right so there will no outsiders that enter our university...
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• Canada
23 Sep 08
Wow that i strict. In my university they ont even bother keeping track of everyone. On average there are about 50,000 people on campus everyday so naturally there is no way youre gonna keep track of everyone. On my really long breaks some days i go inot my friends classes and just sit there seeing if i like the class while hanging out with them. On a final note i can go as far as saying that some days i find tourist going through our gardens and taking pictures of our old builinding and libraries.
• India
25 Apr 08
Even in my country u can enter ur school without id-card. Sometimes they used to check up and then after some minor punishment they used to leave us. But for in university it was absolutey not necessary.
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
25 Apr 08
Well there are no problem in my country regarding that yea but of course there are some with very high security yea but dosen't that make a big nusiance to make sure we bring everything before we go school ?