@somiran (189)
April 25, 2008 9:07am CST
hey all friends here whom do you select best mobile phone manufacturer sony ericsson or nokia .....which one is the best
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• Canada
29 May 08
I will select Nokia
• Philippines
28 May 08
the value of sony ericsson phones don't depreciate than nokia phones do. plus, nokia phones are so overrated, more and more people end up using the same kind. nokia would launch new models after model after models, stating one or two new features it has. price depreciates faster in the marketplace. in a month or two, the cellphone unit you bought at its original price would be on a bargain already. peace. =)
• Philippines
28 May 08
am currently using a nokia cellphone coz my previous sony ericsson cellphone got snatched. i prefer sony ericsson better than nokia. though i know, nokia is user friendly blah blah blah.. but then sony ericsson offers more for what you are expecting from the gadget. these are just my opinion. i will be changing my cellphone unit soon.
• Philippines
27 Apr 08
i like sony ericsson better.... Although they are not user friendly like the one's in nokia, I like it just the same coz my friends and my family cannot easily used my phone and look unto my stuffs. hehehehe... also, there value doesn't deppreciate easily like the nokia. I also don't like that many people are using the same kind of phone that I am using. That's is why am using sony coz people in my place usually buy nokia phones.
@tops76 (289)
• India
25 Apr 08
Its depends on your need. If you are looking for better battery backup Nokia is the best. For superb sound and display quality Sony Ericsson is the best.