i dont want, but i love my sisters...

April 25, 2008 9:50am CST
i went through this incedent alot of times.. this happends probably because i'me the eldest one and the only one working.. my both younger sisters still study... the problem is, they love to ask something from me, regardless what it is and how much its cost me.. they said "sis,can i have ur bag?' 'sis, can i have ur jeans?' 'sis, i'm broke, can i u bank in the money?' of course the have to heard all my lectures first, but at the end, i'll give what they want even i'l feel so sad about it.. huhuhuhu.. but yet, of course i still love them...
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• Philippines
26 Apr 08
hello newht351, i understand how you feel. i have an older sister also. at least your sisters ask permission first before taking your things. sometimes my older sister takes my things without permission and it annoys me. sometimes i do ask money from her but i replace it. and when i ask her to buy me something i make sure i also repay her the same amount. or sometimes, she buys me something and i buy her something. you are a good sister for sharing your earnings to your sisters. thats what family do right? help each other out. but there is a point where in you have to say no. im sorry i cant help you right now because of this and because of that. its okay to say no. for me at least. and as a family and as an older sister, you have to set rules and regulations right? its normal. i hope you wouldnt be sad any longer
@diansinta (7551)
• Indonesia
26 Apr 08
I envy you. I never knew how it was like to have sisters. Must be very cool like that. I have 2 brothers. All gemini. And their ignorant with me is killing me.