Cycle 10

@mom4kids (658)
April 25, 2008 2:54pm CST
Anybody watching cycle 10? I love this show. In past cycles there's been people that I thought were just ugly and then they got on the show, got their makeovers, modeled good and took awesome pictures. This year there is Dominique. I'm sorry but the show is getting to the end and to me she is just ugly. I can't see a model aspect to her, I just don't get it. She's very drag queen to me. What are your thoughts? Is she pretty? I know being a model is not all about being pretty but like I said there has been people that haven't been the prettiest and take awesome pictures. Lauren this cycle for instance.
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@Reesers (1387)
• United States
26 Apr 08
I thought Dominique was pretty BEFORE the makeover. I think it made her look older (not in a good way) and as the weeks pass, I'm beginning to see the drag queen that they've been talking about. But I find that funny because I thought Jaslene (who I never liked and wondered how she made it on the show) always looked like a drag queen and yet she won. I don't think Dominique's attitude is helping her either. Whitney is my favorite but I have to agree she needs to keep her attitude in check.
@mom4kids (658)
• Canada
23 May 08
lol, I thought Jaslene looked like a drag queen too!
@youless (94719)
• Guangzhou, China
9 May 08
I am watching Cycle 10 lately. I think Dominique is an ordinary person only. Besides, her personality isn't so nice in my opinion. Lauren always can take super photos. Unfortunately she doesn't know how to have a catwalk. She is a little clumsy in this aspect. In fact in this season Alison is my favorite but she was out so early, unexpectedly. I love China
@megumiart (3781)
• United States
25 Apr 08
I don;t like Dominique either. I do think she's pretty in a way, but she's just wayy to irritable. Her temper is offset by the smallest things. I liked Whitney at the beggining of the cycle, and I'm rpoud for her being the first plus size girl to make it this far, but now she seems a little b*tchy and too headstrong. I thought all the girls where very beautiful this season, but I think my favorite is Anya. She's so beautiful and modelesque, plus she's so sweet and cute in personality. :]
@minnie_98214 (10572)
• United States
25 Apr 08
I dont like Dominigue either shes definatly drag looking plus shes got a nasty personality that I dont like. I also dont care for Fatima either. I liked Lauren she was so akward it was funny to watch.