How to Stop Unwanted Postal Mail (U.S. Residents)

@trinale (1480)
United States
April 25, 2008 3:56pm CST
I just found this great resource you can sign up with that stop up to 90% of that unwanted mail and catalogs you receive regularly and it won't cost you anything. It's called GreenDimes and their URL is All you have to do is provide your mailing address and you're done. After about 3 months, you should be seeing less and less junk mail for up to 5 years. If this works out like, I'm loving it already. When I signed up for "do not call", the number of telemarketer calls went from around 5 or 6 daily down to ZERO!! Now I'm curious. Do you get a lot of unsolicited phone calls and junk mail? How do you feel about it? Cheers, Ed
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