Rational approach"to resist Carrefour"

April 26, 2008 12:44am CST
Reply from the news on the Internet,we welcome the discussion! Recently,the Olympic torch relay was "Tibet independence"elements of interference,many netizens called on the people boycott French goods in China,especially the Carrefour supermarket,so much emotion as quickly as the spread of infectious diseases,it is a cause for concern. I understand the indignant emotions,resist the Carrefour brand in China and the French civil spont aneous activities,demonstrated an attitude the Chinese people's patriotic enthusiasm,however,people in anger when the thinking is often not rational. Today's society is an economic era of globalization,you have me ,and i have you,blind boycott activities may lead to the result is to allow himself to become one of the victims,take carrefour,a supermarket can feed hundreds of Chinese staff and supermarket goods to 80 percent of producion comes from China,where tens of thousands of goods on shelves behind,i am afraid,will not be less than the millions of Chinese workers. Carrefour of France and the brand will not affect the French economic boycott,but way let consumers choose your brand when they hesitate,now that China's economy is opening up the economy,with the world economy increasingly strengthened,and the same,the international trade in the import,export activities can not be artificially blocked,the more impossible as in the past closed-door policy. China is a responsible big country,the Chinese people and the peoples of the world is a friendly,the world between countries also need to face many common challenges and seek common development,common challenges and seek common development.People can through various channels to introduce our solid achievements in the development,a foreign people's understanding and support,therefore ,as a Chinese,we should choose dialogue or forum published an article,etc..to fully express their views and perspectives,the distortion of the facts and deliberately split China and the practice of speech to fight back ,to make the world better understand China,through the show ,the people a better side,so as to enbance China's standing in the world and establish a good image of the country,rather than the simple acts of resistance. We should do our own work sense,only economic,technological and other areas of the powerful,and to betterensure that national interests and national interests,we should show a big country style,displaying the world's goodwill gesture to ensure the smooth convening of the Beijing Olympic Games. Welcome to the discussion of the incident! Your views on this incident that come out!
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