Vacationing and visiting churches and graveyards... Have you ever done this?

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April 26, 2008 2:32am CST
When you are vacationing or visiting a place, do you go look at the churches and graveyards? I will be going to see Mission San Juan Capistrano with my sisters this Saturday. It is a church that has been turned into a magnet for tourists. And when I go to Vermont with my family, it seems like we always wind up in the cemetary to visit the grave sites of long dead relatives and to read their tombstones... Have you done this too? What are the churches that you have visited on vacation? Where are the graveyards that you have visited? Do you remember seeing any memorable tombstones? Please share with us at myLot. Thanks.
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@paid2write (5202)
26 Apr 08
I do like to visit historic churches and old graveyards. Some of the great cathedrals and old country churches of Britain were first built about a thousand years ago and have some of their original features. Many graves go back as far as the sixteenth century and the inscriptions on them can still be read. Inside the churches are tombs with effigies of knights and ladies. I also like Victorian cemeteries which have some amazing architecture in their great family vaults and monuments. Some have marble statues of angels and others have elaborate stone carvings. I like to read the old names.
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27 Apr 08
It is amzing to me, a person from the States, to think of things going back thousands of years... I think that I have seen gravestones dating back to the 1800s but not much earlier. There is so much more history in Britian and you have been seeing it. Congratulations to you and thanks for posting here.