April 26, 2008 2:39am CST
well friends let me tell you a very interesting story and the story is that one day one of my cousins had come to me after a long time and i was supposed to pick him up from the airport so i along with my father,my cousin we all went to the airport.now as we were returning back from the airport my brother who was driving was driving at a very great speed we did not come to know but after about five minutes a police patrol party came behind us hootinf and telling us to stop but instead of stopping the car my brother raced the car to a much more greater speed.The police vehicle which was one had become now two.they stopped us at the turnabout and told us literally to come out of the car .They also took out their pistols.They thought that we were some criminals fleeing away.After a lot of persuation from my side we were able to convince them that we were not criminals but that as it was getting dark and late so my brother had been driving fast....well friends have you also faced such encounters before? let me know about it.......
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