Is your last will and testament really up to date?

South Africa
April 26, 2008 7:43am CST
I never considered adding into my last will and testament something that I felt strongly about, until a few years back, seeing on our tv news, the ongoing saga of Terry Schiavo. I followed the story via the internet and was disgusted in the treatment and messages some people had left regarding, her then ex-husband's plea to have her feeding tube removed so she could pass away. I re-did my last will and testament there and then, making it very clear of what I did and did not want to happen to me should I not be conscious and make decisions for myself. My will now states that under no circumstances is there to be a feeding tube inserted into me unless I am fully conscious and will agree to it. My will also states that under no circumstances am I to be resusitated (DNR). It also states that I am not to be kept alive on a life support machine. Such a machine may only be used should I be recuperating from major surgery where I am not conscious due to sedation only. This is such an important matter to be added to one's last will and testament. My heart bled for ex hushand and the traumatic time he was subjected to..the accusations that were made too were so unfair. I will not allow anyone in my life to be subjected to what he had to go through for...what...15 years! Have you got this subject sorted out in your last will and testament?
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@ryzach (1546)
• United States
26 Apr 08
Thank you so much for making this post. I have been wanting to do this for sometime now and it never seems to get done. I know how important it is to get done and I will have the peace of mind that it is done. I do not want to leave my loved ones in a situation like you mentioned. I want them to be clear of all my wishes as well. Thanks for the reminder!
• South Africa
26 Apr 08
You welcome but please read the post below yours...I am not from the USA, and our set up can be as his is, but my family have already read my last will and testament, my doctor has a copy of it as well.