What do ya'll think about this? pregnant unmarried teacher at my kid's school

United States
November 1, 2006 8:20am CST
Last year a teacher at my children's school was arrested for DWI and assault on a police officer during the weekend. On Monday she was back in school. Now this same teacher is pregnant. SHe is unmarried with no boyfriend or anything. I don't think that this looks good to the children. I know it happens everyday but still she is supposed to be someone they can look up to. I don't think her behavior is something I want my children to look up to. What do ya'll think
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• United States
1 Nov 06
I would be more concerned about her teaching qualifications. So my questions would be: Is she a good teacher? Is my child learning? Does she create an environment conducive to instruction of children? Do the children adore her? What goes on in her classroom? Is my child excited about going to school? I would also try to be supportive of a good teacher and a good school since both seem so difficult to find nowadays.
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• India
9 Nov 06
Just see how she teaches. and thats more important for your kid. then you decide what is better can be done.