what do you want to accomplish before you die?

April 26, 2008 4:45pm CST
Whats on your lifes to do list? Travel, family, money, home? etc Tell me what you want to accomplish before you die?
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@Bijou1 (160)
• Australia
26 Apr 08
I just want to have a happy life. I am not interested in the fancy car and house, although it would be nice. I just want to have awesome times with my family and friends. I dot want the stress getting in the way of happiness and how i live my life, which it seems to be doing at the moment.
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• Philippines
26 Apr 08
There are countless things that I wanna do or see or taste or places to visit before my time here on earth is up. In no particular order: (1) Travel around the Philippines! We have this saying here which roughly translates to "you should not allow yourself to become a foreigner on your own land," so there. And besides, our country's too good to pass up anyhow. (2) Ensure the financial security of my family. I may be the youngest, but I guess it's my way of saying thanks to my dad and sisters for taking care of me. Now, it's my turn to help you! (3) See all the Broadway shows I love!! Haha that one's sooo random. I love musicals, and I'd love nothing more than to go there someday and watch all of my favorites, hoping that they're all still on. Haha. Well, there you go. I've got lots more things that I wish to do, though these three here will do.. for now. Haha. xoxo, ajhie!