Is Church a way to find God or a Money Making Scheme?

@chance00 (3333)
United States
November 1, 2006 8:32am CST
I thought this over very careful.I do not mind churches but i was watching a program where all the leaders of these churchs(I will not name)call themselves the MILLION DOLLAR preachers and drive Rolls Royces.What is wrong with that pictures. Please respond!!
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@prasad1961 (5603)
• India
1 Nov 06
In order to increase christianity in the world, funds were deployed to third world countries and raising church buildings and making convertions. Depending upon the progress, amounts were distributed to the preachers and they are making comforts as they wish. Anyhow the origination of funds said to be from western countries. But the reality is knows to God only.
@srhelmer (6933)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
1 Nov 06
I hate to say it, but I do think a lot of churches do care more about money than anything. Proof of it can be found here where churches are remodeling or building whole new churches. What happened to giving money to charity? In fact, most churches here require a certain percentage of your income to allow you to become a member.
• United States
1 Nov 06
Those churches are just trying to use religion to manipulate people into giving them money. Those aren't real churches.
@supriya82 (400)
• India
1 Nov 06
God can be found any where, you only have to look within your self and beleive in what you do. you will definately find god there.