Do you think Man can do better than women?

April 26, 2008 8:21pm CST
I know it is a frequently asked question and not new at all . What I want to say is even in the 21st century, there are still some people hold that man are superior than woman. The other day, I had a class vote on this question, to my surprise, about half of the girls in the clss think that man are more likely to be successful . Among them are some top girl students, their academic performance are apparently better than their male counterpart in the class. That is something I can not understand, they do better than other boys but they think they are inferior than boys.
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• India
27 Apr 08
I can say that woman can do what ever a man can do, if have the will and way, why not, there cant b any discrimination. Here in my country, women are better in education and do understand that. But still mostly women r considered inferior, which is not acceptable. I cant think of any thing which just a man can do and not a woman. Infact, we can do something which they cannot, bring a life into this world.
@shaara (77)
• China
28 Apr 08
I agree with you, women can be as good as men, or even better in lots of aspects!
• Israel
8 Dec 08
Men can do one thing we women can't. Pee standing up. And boy to they love that silly ability with their peeing contests and such. Unfortunately they are really hard to house break. It takes forever to train them to lift the seat and aim. Their short attention span without a target means they frequently miss and sprinkle on the seat. One toilet maker actually put a decal of a fly inside the bowl to give men something to aim for.
• India
1 Sep 08
Yes in some cases woman can do better than man,but in some cases man can do better
@anex08 (868)
• Philippines
29 Apr 08
Women can do what men can do. Feminine powers are becoming more and more stronger, that is women are born and raised today. changes are likely that men tend to appreciate more the capability of a women to help them and decide better.
@lvaldean (1612)
• United States
27 Apr 08
Men are still more likely to be successful in business than women. There are a great number of sociological reasons for this but it is none the less still true. Change is slow.