do you like traveling?

April 27, 2008 12:07am CST
what country do you want to? which country do you like best? share sth intresting to you ,sth diffrent to you
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@qdietz (244)
• United States
27 Apr 08
I love traveling, it is something I try to do every vacation I get. I have been in Asia quite alot, along with some Europe, a bit of central america and some USA. I hold the best memories from Asia, more specifically from Vietnam, Thailand and Bali (indonesia, because I love to surf). These places show such a change in culture it is crazy. Down there it is also nice to meet new interesting people and to forget your normal daily life. Going down to Asia makes my normal daily activities completely change. For example in most parts I have no internet access (I do not bring my computer). These countries are also amazingly beautiful, my favorite place in terms of beauty must be Halong Bay in Vietnam or Dreamland, an amazingly beautiful beach in Bali. Being a surfer traveling is also great as it gets me away from my home wave and onto new types of waves in other countries. During my travels the water temperature usually shoots way up which is also agreeable. One of the things I do not recommend for travelers are tourist groups. These organizations that take you on tours simply take much of the fun out of traveling and do not let one discover at his/her own pace. I take traveling as a big adventure so I try to stay in less touristy areas and take care of myself. For example one of my memorable trips was in Burma (nowadays called Myanmar) where for a whole 2 months, I only ran into 3 other tourists. That was the epitome of the journey and adventure part of my travels. Lately I have been to Mexico down in Tulum (great diving!). Well Tulum is next to Cancun. For our first night, as we arrived late, we stayed in Cancun. And I am so glad we left almost instantly the next morning as Cancun is basically a huge americanized nightclub. The hotel zone has nothing mexican to it, it seemed as if I was still in america... Contrary to what one may believe, Tulum is quite close by the the big touristy city of Cancun. As Tulum presents ruins of Maya temples to go visit, there are still tourists around but the main city is still quite mexican. When we were there a fair was passing by, we went through the markets and ate at typically mexican restaurants. Taking lessons in spanish I talked spanish to the people, immersing me into the culture. i have no country I prefer in terms of traveling to, I would love to go back to Bali now and that would probably be my first choice for now. In terms of living the US is favorable to me as I like the lifestyle and the economical status. As for future travels I would love to visit South Africa as I have never been to Africa and would love to explore this country that is different from anything that I have seen. The wildlife there is also quite intriguing and it also possesses some good surf breaks. Sorry for the long read, I was inspired. :)
• China
29 Apr 08
i guess to travel so many places ,to see so many people ,to meet so many kinds of other cultures and so many diffrences must very exting . so you must live a wondeful life ,is it ?enjoy your traveling .if you like ,welcome to my coutry,i think you will love it ,too.
@rhinarea (311)
20 May 10
If i would have a chance to travel it would be in Paris and Rome.
@anday0108 (633)
• Philippines
20 Feb 10
I like to travel a lot. I have been to the U.S., CANADA,AND EUROPE. I love Europe most especially. I have been to Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and UK. I find Switzerland to be very beautiful in terms of Natural Landscape, very picturesque. France and Italy are very rich in architectural wealth and beautiful landscape too. I still want to go to Greece, Prague, Norway, Sweden, Copenhagen, and the rest of Scandinavia.
@qamarep (4448)
• Pakistan
20 Feb 10
i do like travelling buti haveonly gone out once
@fifileigh (3619)
• United States
28 Apr 08
i like traveling but since i have pets, it is not easy to travel with pets. i dont want to leave them behind. plus, it is hard to find a fun person to travel with and i dont enjoy traveling alone. but i have traveled with family when i was younger. it is interesting to see different countries and cultures and their art and just everything about the country. i enjoy walking the street and seeing everything by foot if possible. taking a lot of photos and keeping a journal. Greece was nice. So was Brazil. Caribbean was fun. Europe was interesting--France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England. Canada and Mexico were interesting as well.
27 Apr 08
I just love travelling but it's the kind of hobby that not only take money but lots of time too. I wish I could do more, but when possible I like to make the most out of it time-wise but whilst remaining economicaly efficient lol that's very important for a poor little student like me. Though saying that, the travelling I've done so far has mainly been for charity and so that's probably not the smartest thing to do money-wise. My favourite country so far has to e one of the Southern African ones, but I can't decide between Zambia, Swaziland or Namibia. Namibia I know the best and so I will always carry a place for it in my heart, yet Swazliand has a magical quality about it, and I'd love to explore Zambia more because it seems like such a great place. I love experiencing the different cultures - though some I gel with better than others. I was in Morocco recently and the Muslim culture got under my skin a little - but only really because I'm personally against organised religion in general - so Christianity etc. too. And I just found that Islam is more in your face about it than others I've experienced.. But of course each to their own, which is what's great aout travelling - discovering and experiencing all these things. The next step is South America for me, I'm learning Spanish (slowly mind) and I can't wait to explore!!
@BUSSY1979 (1284)
• United States
27 Apr 08
i've been to Thailand in the past, but my most favorite country that i'd like to visit would be Ireland. i think that country is so beautiful, with all of the green pastures that they have. it's beautiful country.