Between the battle of life and death, what would you choose?

April 27, 2008 7:11am CST
The story revolves around the north Roman army spearhead Maximus(Russel Crow) who has always dedicated his effort for the Roman Empire. Due to his honesty and loyalty,he is not only lovable by his army but even respected by the Roman King.The King also want him to take over the Roman empire for the future of the Rome.But Maximus finds himself in no place to lead the charge. Meanwhile King's selfish son takes the reign killing his own father and his loyal men.Maximus also get the heat as his whole family is being killed and forced him to live life of a slave. Then one man take Maximus as a slave and forced him to play the battle of life and death in arena as a gladiator.Unhappy Maximus act as a gladiator and while battling in arena he soon realizes that he can take revenge upon king's son. The story is quite balanced.The direction is superior.Russel crow has got the dream role in playing Maximus. The last scene in the movie is really exceptional and emotional.The film has received Many Oscars.
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28 Apr 08
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