Nervousness gets you before ferforming.

@omar0913 (943)
Legaspi, Philippines
April 27, 2008 12:28pm CST
Have you ever ferformed or spoken in public, and as you start you got freightened or nervousness attacts you first? When I was choosen as one of the contestant in a oratorical contest, that was in my highschool time and also my first to speak in public, although I have practiced a lot with the help of my english teacher, during the contest proper as the first contestant was called and I am next, nervousness attacts me first, my hands got clumsy and my knees starts to shaken. My teacher readied me for this, because she knows it will happen, she thought me how to get out of it by saying unto myself that I can do this and I will win this contest, she also said that I should keep on recalling the first two sentences of my piece then the rest will take care of itself. So when it was my turn, I took two long breath and slowly look from left to center and then right trough the audiences, and then start, at first I got nervous but after two sentences it disappear and the last time I remember, The audiences applauded much. I won the contest and was undefeated till I graduated from high school. Realy theres a power that drives us to do things even for others it was too difficult, only if we have the courage to do so.
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@bagumbayan (2707)
• Philippines
7 May 08
It is natural to be nervous even if you are a good speaker. But that can be removed by doing what you said, practicing, praying, and yes, putting some coins in your shoes. Try it.